We are a proven and experienced Senior Health and Fitness company. We can get you the results you’re looking for safely, and at an affordable price. We’ve been helping seniors in the north Dallas area for over twelve years, and we can help you in your home or senior facility.

When I looked online at… In-Home Senior Fitness, I found that many sites were not in-home training; they were selling senior fitness programs offered in their gyms. When I did see one, it showed a company that did everything, plus seniors. They did group exercises, massage therapy, weight loss, weight lifting, dieting, dancing, meal planning, meditation, aerobics, and Yoga. They even hosted birthday parties! I clicked on their… In-home senior tab. It showed a young lady trainer, outside in the park, watching a middle-aged guy doing pushups in the grass. Another picture showed an in-shape man running the stairs. That’s great, but not that many seniors in their late 60’s or 70+ are running up and down the stairs, not unless their house is on fire. And the problem with lying down in the grass is not how many pushups you can do, it’s how are you going to get back up?

We work with healthy seniors and serious fitness folks too, but we work with all levels of seniors. We teach health and exercise classes in many north Dallas Senior Care and Assisted Living facilities.

Some clients we work with have had strokes. Some are blind, deaf, paralyzed, or have heart disease. Some have arthritis and osteoporosis… and some are very strong and healthy. The only people we don’t work with, we can’t work with, are patients who are no longer cognizant of themselves or their surroundings.

Compare our rates with other fitness companies, and you will see the difference… Actually, you may not see the difference because comparing rates will be difficult. From the many exercise sites I’ve visited online, I saw very few besides us that listed their pricing. With the others you had to call and ask. And even the one that did list theirs was nearly twice as much as ours.

“John has been conducting exercise classes for our Assisted Living homes for over six years. His classes are the best I’ve ever seen. Our residents love them, they are safe, effective, and motivating. John helps to keep our seniors strong and healthy.”

-Joy Mmbifwa, RN, BSN/Owner of Enterprise INC. The Family Choice Assisted Living