Workouts & Cost

1. Private one-on-one workout

2. Facility & group workout

3. Special five workout

4. Senior Care Plus

“No currently approved medication can rival the positive effects of exercise. Even patients at risk for dementia improved their symptoms of anxiety, depression, memory, and mental ability with a simple exercise program. The best thing people can do right now to prevent Alzheimer’s is to start a simple exercise program, which might be as simple as walking.”

-Doctor Laura Baker, professor of geriatric medicine at the Wake Forest School of Medicine


Done in your home or workout area. These classes are offered in the following packages.

Package A-1:

Private instruction for twelve 30 minute classes – at $35.00 per session. Total cost is $420.00

Package A-2:

Private instruction for twelve 45 minute classes – at $45.00 per session. Total cost is $540.00

Package A-3:

Private instruction for twenty 45 minute classes – at $43.00 per session. Total cost is $860.00

You will be required to pay up front the total amount. If later, you choose to not continue, and you have not used more than 3 sessions, your money will be refunded, minus the classes you participated in. If you need to miss a workout, it will not be deducted from the package, as long as you let us know 24 hours in advance.


These classes are weekly ongoing sessions offered in 45 or 30 minute classes. The facility or company will be billed at the end of each month.

45 minute session – $45.00
30 minute session – $35.00

Package B-1:

  • Group instruction with 30 min class once a week, (4 sessions) = $140.00 per month
  • Group instruction with 30 min class twice a week, (8 sessions) = $280.00 per month
  • Group instruction with 30 min class three a week, (12 sessions) = $420.00 per month

Package B-2:

  • Group instruction with 45 min class once a week, (4 sessions) = $180.00 per month
  • Group instruction with 45 min class twice a week, (8 sessions) = $360.00 per month
  • Group instruction with 45 min class three a week, (12 sessions) = $540.00 per month


An affordable five session program that creates your individual/personal workout!

5 sessions – 45 min each

Want to work out, but not join a gym?
Want to work out, but not sure what to do?
Want to work out, but not commit to expensive week to week personal training?
We may have the workout solution for you.

We meet at your home or where you work out and determine your health and fitness goals. You fill out a health questionnaire, and participate in a short basic workout. This gives your instructor important information on your strength, flexibility, capabilities, and cardio-vascular health. We learn what you can do, and what you’d like to be able to do.

Low back issues, knees hurt, nothing hurts, you want a stronger upper body, you don’t have heart problems, you have arrhythmias, you want stronger legs, you want slimmer legs and a tighter butt, you are a pillar of strength, can’t stand on one foot for 10 seconds, you can’t stand at all, your hips hurt, you want a stronger core, you’ve had a stroke, you get out of breath to easily, or…you just want to know the best and safest exercises for you.

Get the idea? We design a personal workout for you… And, if you have a gym membership, we may be able to help you there.

Session 1: We meet and learn of your current health and fitness level. What you can do now, your potential, and what exercises you will need to do to accomplish your goals.
We design your new workout.

Session 2: We introduce you to your new workout. We make sure it’s the right program for you and that you understand totally what to do and what not to do.
We take you through the workout.

Sessions 3, 4, and 5: These sessions are set up when you want them. Perhaps you’ve now been working out for two weeks on your own and you’re comfortable and ready to upgrade, or you have questions. You might need more reps, or different exercises. You may need to focus more on your core, or less on the legs, whatever you need, or want, we come and help. We’ll keep your workouts safe and effective. All you do is call us when you’re ready for the next one.

The cost for the SPECIAL FIVE… five – 45 minute workouts – $300.00

Compare that with the cost of personal training at a gym, or for a trainer to come to your house once or twice a week. That will cost thousands of dollars, there is no comparison. And after six months, next year, or whenever you want, you can purchase another SPECIAL FIVE.

When I go to LA Fitness to work out, I see people doing ridiculous, silly, non-effective, and even dangerous exercises. I don’t think I’ve ever been there and not seen this. Let us help you with your workout. We can design the perfect workout for you. It will be effective, safe, and affordable.

“Long after you stop worrying about what you look like in a bathing suit, your commitment to regular physical activity will show up in your quick wit and mental acuity.”

-Joseph Mercola, M.D.


A designed program for the Caregiver-only $200.00

Do you have a loved one being cared for at home or in a facility? Could they benefit from a personally designed exercise, health, and awareness program? If so, we may be able to help. We can train you, or the caregiver to conduct a safe, productive, one-on-one unique exercise program.

  • Have Mom’s legs weakened to the point that you are afraid she will fall?
  • Has the person you care for gotten weaker this past year?
  • Are you worried because all Dad wants to do now is to sit and watch TV?
  • You’re sure the person you care for needs exercise and some stretching. One shoulder is so tight, she can no longer lift her hand above her chin, but you’re not sure how to help.
  • Your Dad fell last year and broke his hip. The recovery took a lot out of him and you want to do everything possible to decrease the chance of that happening again.
  • The person you care for has very little upper body strength and you think the pain in her back has increased because of that.

Yes, all this, and more, much more, happens every day for some of our seniors, and it doesn’t have to be that way. We can visit and determine their health and fitness levels and what, where, and how to make them stronger and healthier. We show you how and what to do. And it will be safe.

This program, which consist of 4 thirty-minute sessions, is only – $200.00 and we will leave you a printed, easy to follow workout plan, and be available for questions.

Our company conducts more health and exercises classes in assisted living facilities and nursing homes than any other fitness company in the Dallas area.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians: “Regular exercise can protect you from chronic disease; improve your moods and lower chances of injury. The benefits of exercise far outweigh any risk. Medical conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, obesity, high cholesterol, and even cancer, can all be improved with regular exercise.”….Isn’t that Amazing?

“I found John Reeg’s exercise classes ideal for our seniors, they are safe and effective.”

-Kelly Wolfe, LNFA, LBSW, Executive Director Signature Pointe on the Lake


I visited another senior exercise website, and saw a very nice display of pictures of seniors, looking to be in their seventy’s, rotating across the front page. They weren’t working out, just smiling and looking great. I clicked on their senior tab, and saw a young man trainer, standing behind a middle aged lady. The lady held 5 pound dumbbells straight out, shoulder height, to her side.

This exercise is not only needless and silly, it’s also dangerous. Senior upper body exercises should focus on the large muscle groups of the chest and back areas, not isolated lateral shoulder work. It’s very important for seniors to not overstress the shoulder joint. Go into any nursing home, or senior assisted living facility, and ask a group of seniors to raise their hands high over their heads. A third of them won’t be able to.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been inactive; it’s never too late to begin. Let me design a special exercise program that can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

-John Reeg, Senior Health and Fitness expert.