“Seniorfit4u became an integral part of my parents’ physical fitness approximately 10 years ago. John instituted a fitness program at that time that was gentle, yet effective, specifically tailored to each of their strengths and weaknesses. Our relationship has continued because John and Greg can be trusted, and the program facilitated delivers safe, lasting results.

In my experience, the use of younger physical therapists often resulted in pushing my parents past their limitations, in order to satisfy required insurance goals that were not designed for an individual, but to reach a mere protocol. This seems unwise especially as we age, however we may not know where to turn or that an alternative exists. That alternative is Seniorfit4u.

My mother survived a devastating stroke with cognitive and speech disabilities that left it difficult for her to follow verbal commands. Many therapy goals and insurance approvals are based on the ability to follow or respond to verbal commands, and she was dismissed from rehab before achieving her potential. John assisted her in reaching that potential then, and now Greg assists her in maintaining it at 95 years of age.

With kind, compassionate respect, my family has always been treated with professionalism and concern. Seniorfit4u sees clients as individuals. We are all different, our goals are different, our strengths are different, and our abilities are certainly different! I can assure you that a program will be developed with your best interests in mind, and implemented with your best interests as focused outcomes.”

– Elaine E.


“I have been training with John for over 5 years. He is a very knowledgeable trainer and designs exercise programs that fit my individual needs. John prepares different routines for each of our sessions which helps me to vary my own at-home workouts and make them more interesting. If I have questions, John researches the answers and often brings me new information. I feel that I am healthier and physically stronger as a result of my work with John”

-L.C. Retired Psychologist

“I am amazed by my progress since I started training with Silver Star five years ago. At age 62, I have never been stronger, especially in my core and upper body. Thanks to my Silver Star trainer, I regularly do things I never would have thought possible – 65 push-ups, 150 crunches, 15 roll-outs on an ab wheel. By now, I expect I could handle the work-outs on my own. But I know that when Greg is here, I will work out, and I will work harder than I might on my own. And Greg keeps a watchful eye on me and my progress, which helps avoid injury.”

-Walt W. Attorney at Law

“I have been working with John for over eight years and I plan on continuing as long as I can, its money well spent. His training has helped me to drop 4 dress sizes and lose 30 pounds. I have more energy and confidence, I would recommend Silver Star Health & Fitness to anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life. It has been well worth the money spent.”

-Glenda, Housewife

“After an accident that left me nearly paralyzed on the left side of my body, it took over a year to regain functions of simple skills like walking. I have been working with John now for over a year and he has developed a systematic workout plan that allows me to work on those areas that continue to need help and strengthening. I have increased not only my strength, but stamina, balance, and muscle tone. I would recommend John to anyone seeking to improve their level of fitness as well as their quality of life.”

-Sidney L. 67. Retired Psychologist

“My husband has been a client of Silver Star Fitness for nine years. He is hemiplegic from a stroke, and when we exhausted our insurance for therapy, he still needed someone to work him to increase and maintain his wellness. John has done a great job. My husband has built strength and balance and he looks forward to his time to exercise and tell ridiculous jokes. John motivates him to do his exercises and to improve his strength. He tailors each workout as needed. When he has a demanding week, John modifies that day’s work out as needed. Certain doctor appointments or even hospitalizations require canceling a workout or two, or even ten, and John can be flexible for us.

He is unfailingly cheerful and encouraging, and listens to his clients to make sure he is providing the best for each of them. He encourages communication with the client’s other health care professionals to make sure he is doing the best practice for each one. As other family caregivers have discovered, getting the challenged person to do their work out is very difficult sometimes, and it affects the relationship. Having a set time each week and a former Marine Corps Drill Instructor (but really a pussycat) show up to work out is a blessing for us, not having to force and cajole them to work out. We have been very pleased with our time with Silver Star Fitness. We don’t know of anyone else offering exactly the professional combination of services.”

-Connie O, Retired elementary school teacher

“John absolutely knows the best exercises for seniors and how to make us work hard without hurting us. I look forward to our sessions and always feel safe with John.”

-Annett F., 81

“For over a year now John has provided me with training that is tailored to my needs and is making a difference in my life. As a senior citizen, I realize that good health is not only a matter of regular doctor and dentist visits but having a weekly exercise program is equally important. John makes me work hard, but never too hard. I am grateful for the opportunity to train with John.”

-Mary Q, 64, School Teacher

“Having been with many trainers and physical therapist, John is the one who makes me want to work out on a regular basis and I am definitely getting stronger because of his help. He is extremely knowledgeable and understands about my physical limitations after total hip replacement, and knows how far to push me and when to stop. He is very professional as a person and a trainer. Being a female over 65 years of age, I have no hesitation whatsoever to have John come into my home for personal training sessions.”

-J. P. Artist, 67